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The Leisure Equipment Asset Protection Scheme (LEAPS) is the only leisure safety scheme that certifies as safe all types of leisure assets, from roller coasters to push bikes and anything in between. LEAPS certification will only ever be awarded to those attractions and inspectors that meet the highest of safety standards. Wherever you see the LEAPS logo, you can rest assured that the attraction is as safe as possible for public enjoyment.

What is LEAPS?

LEAPS is the only leisure safety scheme to offer assurance to the public that the three main causes of accidents are managed within your operation; Competent Operator, Safe Asset, Competent Inspector. These are known as the three LEAPS stars and to be a LEAPS Certified Site, all three of these stars need to align. The scheme has been written with the principles of the System of Safety for Attractions as published by the Health and Safety Executive.


If you are an organisation that wants to attain the highest of safety standards, then LEAPS is the premier industry standard for fixed site attractions and inspectors that serve the industry. LEAPS is the only scheme that offers a 3-star approach for attraction safety. We certify the attraction site, the equipment, and the independent inspector. This 3-star approach means the key risk areas and main causes of accidents are covered under the LEAPS safety envelope.

Our LEAPS core team

LEAPS is headed up by our Managing Director Jon Ruddock who is an expert in the field of managing safety schemes. If you would like to find out more about the scheme or its people then please contact us.

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